Stonehenge II


One of the most visited sites in the Texas Hill Country!

Stonehenge II is the site of several special events. Please call first to see if Stonehenge II is open to the public on the dates you plan to visit.
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Stonehenge II is FREE & open to the public from dawn ’til nightfall.
The Hill Country Arts Foundation is private property. For events such as weddings, concerts, or any other large gatherings, permission must be granted for Stonehenge II to be rented. Please call (830) 367-5121 for more information.

Neolithic Britons (or nature-worshiping Druids or space aliens, depending on who you listen to) began assembling Stonehenge on the plains of Salisbury, England more than 5000 years ago. Its original purpose is still under debate … but there is no mystery (or purpose, really) behind the Texas Hill Country’s version.

Stonehenge II was created as an art project by the late Al Shepperd, a Hill Country Arts Foundation patron, and his neighbor Doug Hill more than 20 years ago on Shepperd’s land in nearby Hunt, Texas.

It took nine months to build and is 90 percent the height and 60 percent the width as the original. Giving free range to his fanciful notion, Shepperd added two 13-foot Easter Island head replicas for good measure.

After Shepperd’s death, the megalithic circle along with its Easter Island sidekicks needed a new home. In an effort to preserve this true Texas landmark, the sculptures were relocated stone-by-stone to their final resting place beside the Guadalupe River on the campus of the Hill Country Arts Foundation.

Stonehenge II has been visited by thousands of tourists since its inception in Hunt, Texas over 20 years ago. Bus loads of tourists as well as single out-of-towners have sought out Doug Hill’s sculpture over the years making it a worldwide attraction.

Come see for yourself why others are drawn to this unique work of art.

Stonehenge II