Internship Programs

      HCAF provides a cultural atmosphere, including art classes and theatre for professionals and amateurs, plus special children’s programs. Since its founding in 1959, the Hill Country Arts Foundation has maintained an extensive intern program with theatre and college students from across the country, attracted by the opportunity of working with noted artists and craftspeople. An internship with the HCAF is a valuable supplement and follow-up to a strong theatrical education. Internships/apprenticeships run from 10-14 weeks during the summer season. Internships are for college level experience and are stipend positions for up to 14 weeks with housing provided.

     The philosophy of the program is to have the intern/apprentice work with the staff on a daily basis, observing and participating in practical applications of skills required in specific areas and applying those skills to assigned projects. While every effort is made to make internships/apprenticeships a valuable educational experience, participants are expected to perform a variety of tasks, not all of which will be glamorous. Housing arrangements: Housing is available (as long as Covid restrictions allow at the time) If you live in the area and are applying for a high school apprenticeship, you will need to be able to provide your own accommodations.