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Hill Country Atelier:

A traditional approach to realism.

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 A new and unique opportunity for the Hill Country Region!

CLICK HERE to read about the resurgence of some of history’s lost lessons in art!

Fall Term:  October 3 – December 9, 2022

                                 Winter ’23 Term:  January 9 – March 17, 2023

                                 Spring ’23 Term:  April 3 – June 9, 2023


Tuition: $825 per person (Includes your own studio space!)

Click Here for Atelier Supply List Drawing Year 1

Click Here for Atelier Supply List Painting Grasille and Color Years 2-3

A New Atelier Movement is sweeping America and Europe. The rapid growth of this movement is a testament to the void in contemporary art education. Artists of all ages and levels are hungry for the nearly lost lessons hidden in history’s greatest works of art.

Atelier – Historically an artist’s workshop in which apprentices learned from a master artist. This style of mentorship has the distinct advantage of working with the individual student’s aptitude in order to develop the artist’s full range of abilities.

In the Atelier program, principles and techniques are delivered step by step to build a solid foundation in traditional realism. The student learns the language of tradition and develops technical competence so that they may express themselves freely. The goal of the Atelier is to give artists the tools to create “images that have emotional resonance technical skill, and that convey in their truthfulness and beauty, ideas of great significance.” – Daniel Graves (Founder of the Florence Academy)


The Curriculum

The curriculum is based on cast studies, master copies, still life, and life studies (figure and portrait). Three ten-week terms progress through (1) drawing, (2) grisaille (monochromatic) painting, and (3) limited palette painting. Students may choose to do the three parts in one year, with each part a ten week term. Alternatively, they can choose a full year for each part, with three ten week terms per year, for a total of three years. After completing each section, advanced students may develop their own projects.

Terms are Fall, Winter, and Spring with breaks for holidays and summer. Minimum attendance is three days per week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. The instructor will teach Monday and Wednesday, while Fridays are reserved for special programs or time for students to work on their own. Students will have their own studio space, and are strongly encouraged to work hours beyond the minimum requirement.

3 limited palette portrait in progress     hollylucretia


                                                    1 drawing rendered portrait graphite 1     zak

The drawing portion of the curriculum forms the foundation for everything that follows.

  • Proportion
  • Anatomy
  • Perspective
  • Rendering
  • Value Studies
  • Composition
  • Mark-Making
  • 2D Design

Grisaille and Warm/Cool Painting:

                                            2 grisaille cast study     sixvaluestudy

In the second stage of the curriculum, students begin by working in grisaille (monochromatic) painting in order to learn paint handling and make value judgements without having to juggle color complexities.

  • Paint Handling & Materials
  • Painted with Limited Values
  • Value Design and Composition
  • Layered Painting Methods
  • Fundamentals of Color Temperature

Limited Palette and Full Color Painting:

                      3 limited palette figure     stilllifeshells

In the third stage, students learn to juggle color along with skills they have built to handle drawing and value, while also developing a personal aesthetic in composition and design.

  • Painting with the “Zorn” Limited Palette
  • Direct Painting by “Tiling”
  • Introduction to Color Theory
  • Pigments, Mediums, and Substrates
  • Indirect Methods


Holly White-Gehrt

Holly White-Gehrt taught the inaugural Part Time Program at the Georgetown Atelier. She was in the first graduating class of the Georgetown Atelier, where she studied with Tenaya Sims, and a graduate of Gage Academy’s Aristidies Atelier, where she studied with Juliette Aristidies. She also holds a BFA from Pacific Northwest College of Art, where she graduated with the Governor’s Award for Thesis Work. She began her art studies at the Aegean Center for the Fine Arts in Paros, Greece. Holly continued to broaden her range of practice, including two years of Zen Brushwork with a master in Japan, and is currently studying egg tempera with Koo Shadler and others.

CLICK HERE to visit Holly’s website.

 If you would like to register for the Hill Country Atelier, please call the HCAF Visual Arts Center (830) 367-5121.

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