Audition FAQ’s

I’ve never been in a show before.  Should I even bother auditioning? Absolutely!  We welcome newcomers and everyone starts somewhere.  We are a community theatre and we welcome all members of the community.

What is an audition like?  When you arrive in the lobby of the Point Theatre, you will sign in at the table and get an audition form.  If it is a large cast, you may have your picture taken just so we can keep everyone straight later.  After you fill out your form, you will go with everyone else to the stage where the director will assign you pages out of the script from which to read.  For a group scene, you will read with other people.  For a musical audition, you will want to read the audition notice to see what the director wants to see from you- usually 30 seconds or 16 bars of a song.  You may also be taught a short dance.  If you are not a singer or dancer, don’t worry!  There is usually a spot in the chorus where you can get some experience and feel even better auditioning for the next one.

I want to audition, but I’m terrified!  What do I do?  It’s important to remember that the director is on your side.  He or she WANTS you to be the best you can be.  In fact, the director wants you to be perfect for the role so they can stop looking.  Please don’t look at them like the enemy waiting for you to fail.  Trust us, they’ve been in your shoes and want you to have a good experience.

What should I bring?  If you are auditioning for a non-musical, you don’t need to bring anything but a pen to fill out your audition form.  For musicals, you should bring a pen and your sheet music to give to the accompanist.

What should I wear?   Wear something comfortable that you can move in.  Above all, wear something you feel good in.  You can’t project confidence if you don’t feel good about how you look.

How will I find out if I got the part?  Our directors try to make decisions within a few days of the audition.  Due to extenuating circumstances, it may take longer, but we try to let you know.  We inform casts by posting on Facebook and sending an email.  Some directors may call or email each person individually, but that is up each director.  If you haven’t heard, you’re always welcome to call the box office to find out if the cast list has been posted.

What if I don’t get the part I want?  What if I didn’t get a part at all?  It has happened to all of us and we know how hard it can be.  Even if you don’t get the part you want, we urge you to be in the show.  You might find out you got the perfect part and have a great time!  At the very least, you’ll gain some experience and meet lots of new people and have fun.  It can be crushing when you don’t get a role in a show you really wanted to participate in.  Directors face hard choices when they have people audition and they have to make hard decisions.  We know it’s disappointing, but we hope you will audition again.  The next show might just be the one for you!  We also encourage you explore other ways to work on the show- stage manage, work backstage, run the light or sound board, sew costumes, build sets.  We have something for everyone!

If there are two dates listed for auditions, you will only need to attend one unless the director asks you to attend both.  Audition dates may change.  Please check back frequently.  For more information about show dates and descriptions, click here

Directed by Sarah DerousseauLove Letters logo

Auditions are February 3 at 11 AM

1 M, 1 F- 30’s to 70’s Possibly casting more than one couple

Directed by Jeff CunninghamDoublewide, Texas Christmas

Auditions are March 3 at 11 AM and March 5 at 6 PM

Directed by Emily HuberThe Lion, Witch & Wardrobe logo

Auditions are March 24 at 11 AM and March 26 at 6 PM.

Looking for auditioners of all ages!

Directed by Sarah DerousseauBack to the 80's logo
Music Directed by Karen Billingsley

Auditions are May 5 at 11 AM and May 7 at 6 PM

Please bring the sheet music or accompaniment CD for 30 seconds of an 80’s song that shows off your voice.

Directed by David Howard

The Odd Couple logoAuditions are June 23 at 11 AM and June 25 at 6 PM

6 F, 2 M

Directed by David R. RemschelNo room final

Auditions are July 7 at 11 AM and July 9 at 6 PM

Directed by Ann Galland
Music Directed by Julie Hensley

Sanders Family Christmas logoAuditions are September 8 at 11 AM and September 10 at 6 PM.

Audition requirements TBA