Children’s Theatre- Playground @ the Point

THE POINT PLAYGROUND2. clearWhen was the last time your child did something remarkable?    Here, it happens all the time!


This new, theatre program focuses on theatre arts education for young people five to seventeen years old. Bringing a new dynamic to the theatrical offerings at the Point, PLAYGROUND features a two-cast system, experience in all aspects of theatre production, and a family-friendly rehearsal schedule.  No experience is necessary, and all children enrolled will perform.  The children’s theatre shows are directed by HCAF’s Technical Director, Scott O. Jones, and stage managed by HCAF’s Volunteer Coordinator, Jeffery Hensel.

For each show, there are two parent’s meetings.  at these meetings parents receive information on registration and the theatre’s goals, mission, and focus.   Currently, we stage two shows each year, in January and September.   We are excited to see the growth potential of this program, and we expect to see an expansion to the schedule in coming seasons.

“Our policy is to allow all children a chance to participate,” Scott Jones, Playground’s director stated.  “We do not ‘star’ any child over another.  The children’s theatre gives them a chance to learn responsibility, teamwork, public speaking, memorization and other valuable skills during their time in the program.”   As a family theatre, we encourage our parents to be involved in rehearsals and performances.   There are often roles for adults in our shows, which allow parents the unique opportunity to participate directly with their child(ren).  By making the program something parents can also experience, the positive effects broaden to encompass the whole family.


ROBIN HOOD will take the stage January 23-26, 2020.    Tickets are on sale now.

Robin Hood



Starting rehearsals in July, we are proud to announce A PIRATE’S TALE will be the next production for our theatre.   Our story follows the hapless career of John William, a pirate in the 1800’s.  Although his pirate band is clearly struggling as buccaneer criminals, the corrupt, local governor of a small town blames them for a theft to cover his own crimes.  When they are captured, all hope seems lost.  What follows is an intriguing tale of bravery and deception that leads to a breathtaking last battle at sea.   We will be taking registrations for this show beginning in late June.