A graphic showing FAQ's- Frequently Asked Questions

What should I prepare for auditions?


The director will choose excerpts from the script to be read by those at auditions. These will be distributed at the audition. Generally, no monologue or other materials will be needed for non-musical auditions. Scripts are available for check out 1-2 weeks before the audition.  We highly recommend that you read the script ahead of time to familiarize yourself with the story and characters.


For a musical, you will need to prepare roughly 30 seconds, or 16-bars of a song that showcases your voice. An accompanist will be present if you have sheet music, or we will have a speaker available if you are using a pre-recorded track. There will also be a choreographer present to teach a simple dance routine.


Who can audition?


Anyone! We produce a variety of shows, all of which require different and diverse casts. As a community theatre, we welcome everyone to come be a part of our season.


When are auditions?


Auditions are generally held 2 months before a show is set to open. Depending on the show, this can vary. Audition dates for each show can be found further down on this page.


Where and when will the cast be announced?


The cast list will be emailed out to all of those that auditioned, and will be posted to The Point Theatre’s Facebook page. The list is typically posted within 1 week of the audition date.


What is the rehearsal schedule?


Rehearsal schedules can vary depending on what works best for the director and cast. Typically, rehearsals take place on weekdays in the evenings; usually beginning at 6pm. Depending on the role you are cast in, you may not be required to attend every rehearsal.  Technical rehearsals are held the week leading up to opening night. Tech rehearsals are mandatory for all cast and crew of a show, and will normally run later than other rehearsals.


What if I have no prior experience?


That’s no problem! We encourage everyone to come and audition! The Point Theatre is a place where lovers of the performing arts can come together, regardless of experience, to learn and create. We are an educational facility, with many knowledgeable people that can help you grow as an artist!


What if I don’t get cast?


Don’t give up! We have all been there, and we know how it feels. Unfortunately, there are only so many parts in each show and, though we’d like to, we can’t cast everyone. Don’t let that discourage you! Ask us about ways you can still be involved in the production. We are always looking for volunteers to help with painting, lighting, sound, costumes, backstage crew, and other vital roles to help our productions get on their feet. Also don’t forget, we are always moving forward and the next round of auditions will be here before you know it!

March 23 @ 10:30 AM 

Director- Sarah Derousseau, Music Director- Karen Billingsley, Choreographer- Rachel Lovelace

Please prepare 30 seconds-1 minute of a song that shows off your voice. Please bring a recording or sheet music. Wear comfortable clothes and be prepared to learn a short choreographed dance. You can do this!

Below is a list of all roles available for The Point Theatre’s production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. We are seeking a diverse cast of talented and committed performers ages 16 and older. All roles are available.
JOSEPH: Male, Tenor – Eleventh and favorite son of Jacob. Confident and charming. Vocally strong.
NARRATOR: Female, Soprano – The audience’s guides through the story. The narrators tell Joseph’s story with word and song. Can command the stage while directing focus to story elements. Strong singer with great energy.
PHARAOH: Male , Baritone – Egypt’s ruler, considered a god on earth. Searching for the meaning behind his/her dreams. Portrayed as a world-famous rock star. Full of energy and confidence. May also be cast as a member of the greater ensemble.
POTIPHAR: Male, Baritone – Rich, self-indulgent, and sophisticated Egyptian capitalist. Makes Joseph the leader of his household. Strong character actor with a powerful speaking voice. May also be cast as a member of the greater ensemble.
MRS. POTIPHAR: Female, Alto – Indulgent and confident in her pursuit of what she wants, which at this time happens to be Joseph. May also be cast as a member of the greater ensemble.
JACOB: Male, Baritone – Aged father of Joseph and his 11 brothers. Strong character actor who can sing and move well.
BUTLER: Male or Female, Tenor or Mezzo – Pharaoh’s right hand. While in jail, Joseph interprets the Butler’s dreams to a positive outcome. May also be cast as a member of the greater ensemble. BAKER: Male or Female, Tenor or Mezzo – Head of Pharaoh’s kitchen. While in jail, Joseph interprets the Baker’s dreams to a less-than-positive outcome. May also be cast as a member of the greater ensemble.
JOSEPH’S BROTHERS: Male, Various Ranges – Jealous of Joseph being their father’s favorite son. Skilled dancers and singers. Will also double as general ensemble in some scenes.
WIVES: Female, Various Ranges – The 11 wives of Joseph’s 11 brothers. Skilled dancers and singers. Will also double as general ensemble in some scenes.
ENSEMBLE: Male and Female, Various Ranges – Actors, singers, and dances serving as Ishmaelites, Egyptians, Canaanites, and other characters within Joseph’s story.