Youth Art Camps


2017 Young Artists Camp!

“Art Makes Sense”

July 10-14
July 17-21
July 24-28
July 31-August 4 (Camp for 4-year-olds only offered this week)

One Week Sessions
Monday – Friday 9 a.m. to 12.

Cost per child: $125
Cost for a sibling: $100

The camp provides a curriculum of creative, process- based art education to children ages 4 and up. (4)five day, 3 hour camp sessions are planned for the summer of 2016. Our young artists enjoy fun and exciting creative activities using a wide variety of media, empowering them to recognize the importance of art across cultures and in everyday living.  Our instructors are accomplished artists who employ innovative as well as traditional techniques to inspire and encourage each student. Art does get messy, so be sure to have your young artist wear clothes that don’t mind a little paint and glue!
Each camp session culminates in an exciting and impressive gallery exhibit  of all of the young artists work in The Duncan-McAshan Visual Arts Gallery.

Instructor: Mimi Gavin
Ages: 4-6
Students will use a variety of materials and techniques for creative expression and artistic exploration. Drawing and painting, self-drying modeling medium, and collage will be used in their works of art. Ideas about themselves, themes in nature, and the world around us will serve as catalysts.

Instuctor: Jennifer Nimmritcher
Ages: 7 – 8
Textile Art: Using nature to create impressions in our wool we will eco print on our fabric we create using the wet felting process.
Paper Mache: We will explore shapes and color using the paper mache technique. The kids will create a group project tree (Auction)
Wire Art: We will create three dimensional lanterns. The kids will explore stained glass color work with paper and wire.
Abstract Painting: Sometimes we need to untangle our brains with a painting project that uses the kids imaginations. Every line, twist and scribble will tell a story. Kids will be encouraged to play with textures found in nature: leaves, sticks and stones.

The student will:
Create textile art using their hands to create shapes and mold fiber
Draw inspiration from nature, textures, hues and colors
Express ideas and feelings through lines and free form
Create effective compositions, using design elements and principles;
Identify and practice skills necessary for producing drawings, paintings, prints, constructions, and modeled forms, using a variety of art materials.

The student is expected to:
Create artworks based on personal observations and experiences;
Develop a variety of effective compositions using design skills;
Produce textile art, drawings, paintings, constructions, and fiber art, using a variety of art materials appropriately.

Instructor: Oscar Martinez (July 10-14, July 17-21)
Ages 9 – 11
Topics for Students Include:
Still life drawing with charcoal
Sgraffito drawing
Monotype Print and an intro to Pop Art
Creating the human form from wire and plaster wrap
Plaster Relief from found objects

Instructor: Phyllis Garey (July 24-28, July 31 – August 4)
Ages: 9 – 11
Students will:
Use an expansion of existing creative skills experiences
Plein air sketching with charcoal
Personal totem poles using constructed and found objects
Dictionary work usage collage
Paper making
Acrylic painting
Collograph (printing with textures)
Fiber banners

Teen Art Camps

HCAF is now offering expanded art workshops for teens.
In addition to clay classes, HCAF has added continuing art workshops for teens.

Instructor: Reba Goodman (Clay Class)
Ages: 12+

July 10-14
July 17-21
July 24-28
July 31-August 4
Curriculum: monsters, mugs, and masks. 
Create monsters, mugs and masks from clay using hand-building techniques combined with your creative mind.
Explore the world of clay through pinching, coiling and building with slabs.
Glaze your work with colorful glazes
All work will be once fired and ready to take home on the last day

Instructor: Phyllis Garey (Fine Art)

July 10-1
July 17-21

Students will:
Use an expansion of existing creative skills and experiences
Plein air with charcoal and either watercolor, acrylic, or oil pastels
Wire wood assemblage
Using poetry and image collage to express ideas and emotions
Mixed media


Forms can be picked up at The Visual Arts Center at HCAF or call (830) 367-5120 to register.

Cancellation Policy

Register early to insure your child’s participation in Art Camp. Please send full tuition if registering less than 30 days before Art Camp begins.

The cancellation notice may be sent by mail or email.
• If you cancel less than 30 days before the start of a Art Camp, you will forfeit the tuition for that week of Art Camp. However, you may have someone attend the Art Camp dates in your place, or you may donate your spot as a scholarship and you will receive confirmation of the donation to HCAF, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. No exceptions can be made to this policy, including personal or medical emergencies.
• Deposits may be applied to another week of Art Camp if cancellation is made within 30 days before the workshop.
• In the event that a class is cancelled by HCAF a full refund will be made.


Pictures of Campers are posted weekly on Facebook during Art Camp!

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