Spring Break Art & Theatre Camp is a great way for children experience the arts during the school holiday. Spring Break Art & Theatre Camp includes all art materials, tools, and a morning snack. Space is limited so call now to register! 830-367-5120.

Scholarships are available! Please click on this link to fill out a form and send it to us via email at visualarts@hcaf.com or by printing it out and dropping it off at the gallery!

Art Curriculum

Monday, March 13: Art Outdoors

Artists have long been inspired by the beauty of the natural world. Looking to artworks made from natural materials-campers will weave using grasses sticks and other natural materials, and explore campus to collect materials for use in their own masterpieces.

Tuesday, March 14: Funky Fibers

Explore the colorful and textured world of fiber art! Campers will learn how to use weaving and layering of fibers to create a work of art.

Wednesday and Thursday, March 15 & 16: The Possibilities of Paper and Art in a Box

Learn about the endless potential of this simple material. Let your creativity run wild exploring the ancient art of papermaking, decorative paper techniques, and sculptural properties of paper with cutting and weaving methods!

Explore art in and out of the frame. You’ll leave with square-inspired dioramas of 2 sizes: shadow boxes that narrate a poem or story, matchboxes or other small boxes depicting a tiny scene, and assemblage collages based on the artwork of Louise Nevelson. Handmade paper and techniques from days 1 & 2 may be used.

Friday, March 17: Print Processes and Art in a Box Completion

In this introduction to printmaking, you’ll explore a variety of printmaking processes, such as collograph block printing, and mixed media.

Theatre Curriculum

Monday, March 13: “Getting to Know You”

We get to know each other through fun introductory games and exercises. While instructor gauge ability levels and skills.

Tuesday, March 14: “We’ve Got Magic To Do”

More advanced improv and imaginative drama games prepare instructor to match actors with dramatic literature.

Wednesday and Thursday, March 15 & 16: “There’s No Business Like…”

Actors begin work on simple monologue, duet, and group scenes; while in a fun and energetic environment, instructor introduces stage basics like: diction, projection, stage directions, and body awareness.

Friday, March 17: “The Show MUST Go on”

Students will perform a completed (and well-produced) scene or brief series of scenes at recital to showcase their first week experience.