Lunch & Learns are FREE to attend, and open to the public, but we DO NOT provide lunch. Just RSVP by calling (830) 367-5121, and don’t forget to bring your sack lunch!

Hill Country Atelier Mini Atelier


Do you want to raise your art to the next level?  Would you like to learn the nearly forgotten lessons of the “Great Masters”?  This summer, the Hill Country Atelier is offering a first time ever mini version!  Come work in an atelier environment and learn the foundations to atelier training.  Since drawing is the foundation to painting, this first Mini Atelier is packed with the foundational drawing approaches to Classical Realism.  Students will be exposed to time-tested methods in how to see in a new way, how to convert the observed world into artwork, how to describe form with both line and mass, how to develop contour, and how to convey light. Working from a live model, students will also learn basic anatomy of the head and hands.

Atelier training gives beginners a solid foundation and more advanced students an opportunity raise their artwork to the next level.

Anyone with passion and tenacity can learn the principals and develop the skills required for high level realism, setting the artist free to express their personal artistic vision with credibility and grace.

The Lunch & Learn will be held in the gallery on Friday, May 24th from 11:30am to 12:30pm

Please RSVP by calling (830) 367-5121


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