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Fused Glass Studio Time with Patrick McDaniel

Small Piece: Pendant


Medium Piece: Tile

Large Piece: Bowl

(Saturday) Oct. 14 (2-4pm)

You’ve had the classes, now make whatever your creative heart desires for yourself or gifts for the holidays!

Tuition: $18 supply fee
$5 small pieces
$7 medium pieces
$10 large pieces

Includes firing. All tools & equipment will be available.

Fall in the Hill Country with Heidi England


“Tin Coffee Pot”


“Ironing Board Table”


“Angel with Golden Horn”

(Sun. – Fri) October 8 – 13

Tuition: $225 for HCAF Members & $240 for Non-Members

Bleach Painting with Hardy Lewis


This is a ‘Starters’ course in creating cloth art utilizing the application of a bleach solution. Selecting a basic cotton cloth of reasonable weight from your favorite fabric store of a working dimension of 36-42″ width by 4-9 feet in length. I recommend a medium to dark color as how the contrast will be more defined upon completion.  We’ll start off with practice on your “sampler” to help determine the fluid spread of the solution within the fibers of the cloth. Assistance with establishing a border effect, if interested, discussion regarding one’s design and approach. Applying the solution via brush tends to dry fairly fast allowing a continuation of design application within a short period of time, depending on one’s abilities. ” Just like the tie-dyeing craze of the Sixties and Batik work with wax resist in cloth dyes, using a watered-down mixture of bleach: brushed, sprayed or spattered upon colored cotton fabric,  “removes”, rather than adds color, giving a different, quicker method to creating wonderful patterns to enjoy.” Once mastered, any natural fiber fabric should respond to your creativity. Wall hangings, pillows, spreads, shirts, pants, etc. with some experimenting, may open whole new directions for you. Future classes may be offered utilizing select colored dyes being applied to both the negative and positive spaces formed from using bleach on the cloth.

Student supply list:

Brushes, a variety, (3 thin brushes for detail work, med and large)

Cotton cloth, color of choice (1 foot sample piece for brush practice and Large piece 3-9 foot for project.) Lighter colors like yellow won’t show much contrast. Colors like blues and greens will show more contrast.

Paper towel

Apron and or wear old clothes

(Sat.) October 21st (10:00am – 4:00pm)

Tuition: $50

Arte Respiro with Sylvia Reaves



Join in this Day of Retreat using Arte Respiro

Arte Respiro will bring alive this play using Breath and Spirit to open a portal to the Sacred and Spirit World.

Mindfulness meditations, Music, Breath, and Acrylic painting using the techniques of Pouring, Dirty Pour, and Flip Cup, will attune us.

Spirit will give you a message.

(Wed.) November 1 (9:00am – 5:00pm)

Tuition: $27 plus an approximate supply fee of $45

CLICK HERE for a supply list.

Dress: Clothes ready to get paint on.

Bring your lunch and a snack to share!

Pocket Sketching with Kath Macaulay


Don’t you wish your photographs look as good as you remember the environment? The “Ah ha!” moment? They don’t because the camera shows exactly what was there. You are different. You have a brain and a lifetime of experience plus the emotion of the moment. That is the magic filter through which you “see” your environment. You are the magic the camera can’t capture.

 In this workshop you learn to sketch what you think you see. And you do it quickly; in 25 minutes or less, so that you nail the gem, not overwork it to death. You learn the perspective of color, contrast and focal point, while you’re having fun painting.

(Fri. – Sun.) November 10 – 12

Tuition: $250 Plus a $42 supply fee payable to the instructor.

CLICK HERE to visit Kath’s website..

Quilting Landscape Interpretation with Gay Young


The Landscape Interpretation Workshop explores a method for designing and constructing a landscape quilt based on a sketch or photo of the student’s choosing. We will use machine applique and machine quilting and utilize both blind-and satin-stitch applique methods and a variety of quilting techniques.

The method presented in this workshop is easy and versatile and can be used to construct other pictorial quilts, including landscapes, seascapes, floral assemblages, and even portraiture. Students are encouraged to go in their own direction and build upon the skills practiced in this workshop.

Fabric choices will be discussed and information will be included in the supply list to assist you in choosing what fabrics to bring. This is a great “stash-buster”! We will talk about achieving depth, ariel perspective, and quilting options.

(Fri.- Sat.) April 21 & 22, 2018 (9:00am- 3:00pm)

Tuition: $180 for HCAF Members & $220 for Non-Members

CLICK HERE for a supply list.

California Vibe Watercolor with David Lobenberg 


In David’s California Vibe workshop, you will learn watercolor portraiture that goes beyond the norm with super expressive paint applications and wildly intense colors.

This will be accomplished by:

1. learning how to take dramatic, stylistic photographs with camera, smart phone, or computer pad.

2. learning a simple technique to trace contour outlines from your photographs that can be easily transferred to any size of watercolor paper

3. learning to economically and with minimal brush strokes, render head structure and facial features

4. working with a minimal color palette and the four basic water/pigment consistencies to render strong value contrasts, subtle tints, and intense hues

5. painting 1/8 sheet (5 ½ by 7 ½ inch) pochade(s) (a French word for a small painting), to quickly explore both paint application techniques and expressive color combinations.

6. using your pochade(s) as a guide to paint your final California Vibe, beyond-the-norm, portrait(s)

 Depending on the duration of the workshop (a minimum of three to a maximum of five days), these six successive steps will be mastered and practiced. Towards the end of the period, you’ll have the where-with-all to follow your own path towards California Vibe watercolor portraiture!

April 27 – 29, 2018

Tuition: TBD

CLICK HERE for a supply list.

Watercolor with Ken Hosmer


Explore color through a unique approach.

These workshops are for anyone wishing to paint with dramatically enriched COLOR!

In this powerful workshop, Ken reveals ‘color secrets’ and design ideas each day. He offers guidelines which encourage you to creatively interpret painting subjects in your own style. Painting demonstrations emphasize free, spontaneous painting and cover a variety of subjects, including landscape, flowers, human figures, or animals.

Ken clearly explains his artistic method as he paints, organizes ideas into simple terms, and in a positive and gentle manner, skillfully pinpoints and verbalizes exactly what your painting needs for improvement. This makes the class ideal for beginning and advanced students. A typical day might include demonstration and lecture in the morning with class work time and individual help in the afternoon. The workshop ends with an uplifting and informative critique session.

June 18 – 22, 2018

Tuition: TBD

CLICK HERE for a supply list.

Registration Policy

All HCAF workshop registration is done by phone or email.

Email inquires to: visualarts@hcaf.com or call (830) 367-5120

To pay by mail, please send a check or money order for the full tuition or a 50% deposit for the workshop of your choice to:

HCAF/Visual Arts
P.O. Box 1169
Ingram, TX 78025

Students using MasterCard, Visa, or Discover may call (830) 367-5120.

Register early to insure participation in the workshop. Please send full tuition if registering less than 30 days before your workshop begins. If you are registering more than 30 days in advance, please send at least a deposit of 1/2 the total tuition of your workshop to hold your place. The balance is due 30 days prior to the first day of the workshop.

Cancellation Policy

  • Unless otherwise stated, deposits are refundable, less a handling fee, if you cancel 30 days or more before the start of the workshop. The cancellation notice may be sent by mail or email.
  • If you cancel less than 30 days before the start of a workshop, you will forfeit the tuition for that workshop. However, you may have someone attend the workshop in your place, or you may donate your spot as a scholarship and you will receive confirmation of the donation to HCAF, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. No exceptions can be made to this policy, including personal or medical emergencies.
  • Deposits may be applied to another workshop if cancellation is made within 30 days before the workshop.
  • In the event that a class is cancelled by HCAF a full refund will be made.

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